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What do you know about fridge magnets?

About Tonkin Art, Quà tặng

Life is not complete without refrigerator magnets.

  • Refrigerator magnets are decorative objects that can be magnetically attached to flat metal surfaces such as fridges.
  • ‘Refrigerator magnets’ are also known as ‘fridge magnets’.
  • Refrigerator magnets are often used for decorative purposes as well as to hold objects in place, such as paper for convenience or as a reminder.
  • There is a very large diversity of refrigerator magnets, with various colours, images, designs, shapes and sizes.
  • The magnetic part of a refrigerator magnet is generally set out in a ‘Halbach array’, with both north and south poles in an alternate pattern on the same side, which adds to the magnet’s strength and is more cost effective.Refridgerator Magnets, Collection, Flat, Square, Shapes, Note, Picture, Ten Random Facts, Invention, Decorative
  • Refrigerator magnets are collected by numerous people; and the largest collection in the world is owned by Louise Greenfarb from the United States’ Nevada, and in 2013 the collection consisted of at least 35,000 magnets.
  • The unofficial term for a refrigerator magnet collector is a ‘memomagnetist’, coined by an enthusiast from Russia.
  • Originally, the magnets of refrigerator magnets where manufactured in the shape of a rectangular prism or cylinder, but they are commonly now thinner and often more flexible.
  • Do-it-yourself refrigerator magnets can be easily made, due to the increasing availability of magnetic material suitable for this purpose, and it has become a common craft activity.
  • Some refrigerator magnets can be used for educational purposes, especially those that depict letters, to make words, and these have been available since the mid 1900s.



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